Turn a Job Fair Into a Job Offer

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Product Code: 978-0-940712-20-1

Some people really hope to get a job offer from a job fair. Too many job hunters go to a job fair with high hopes and expectations. And sadly, too many go home disappointed.

Your job hunters will learn how to set job-fair goals, develop their plans, and work their plans to get the jobs they want.

Content includes:

  • How to talk to a job-fair recruiter
  • How to sell yourself with a short, smart elevator speech
  • How to ask for a job interview
  • How to ask for the recruiter’s business card
  • How to follow-up with the recruiter after the job fair
  • How to be persistent without being a pest
  • And, much more

  • Waiting in line just became valuable time
    In less than 100 words, the back cover explains how to approach, engage, and impress a job fair recruiter. It’s a great, little read while waiting in line to meet a recruiter.

    Plus, just by thumbing through the 24 pages,
    they’ll learn how to deliver a great handshake, how to pull together a simple sales pitch, which questions the recruiter is most likely to ask, and which questions they should ask the recruiter.

    They’ll also learn how to follow-up after the job fair
    — even with recruiters they didn’t get to meet. They’ll see why it’s important to get each recruiter’s business card, what to do with those business cards after the job fair, and how to be pleasantly persistent.

    See for yourself— take it for a test drive.
    Try 100 copies of Turn A Job Fair Into A Job Offer. Let your job hunters decide. If they aren’t impressed, return the books for a prompt refund.

    Fast delivery.
    Order today and Turn A Job Fair Into A Job Offer can be on your desk in 3-5 business days, anywhere in the USA. Shipping if free when you order 100 copies.

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    ISBN 978-0-940712-20-1
    Author Harry Dahlstrom
    Copyright © 2019
    Size 4.75" x 8"
    Page Count 24 pages


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