The Job Hunting Handbook

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The hardest working job-search plan you can get—and still the easiest one to use.

And that’s why thousands of schools, colleges, and state One-Stop Career Centers use The Job Hunting Handbook in their job-search programs. It includes everything you need to outsmart the competition, land interviews, sell yourself, and win job offers.

A national best seller. You can read The Job Hunting Handbook in an hour or so and get started the same day. The tone is upbeat and friendly. The content includes material you won’t find anywhere else. And, it’s priced for tight budgets during hard times like these.

Look what’s included—

•  Learn how employers hire so you can avoid the four cuts

•  How to qualify for the job—even if you’re a first-time job hunter

•  Just fill-in-the-blanks to craft a resume with all the “right stuff”

•  Let AIDA help you write simple cover letters that open doors

•  How to complete a perfect job application, first time, every time

•  The top 3 ways to get a job interview—and 4 more, just in case

•  What to say when a hiring manager calls you

•  How to ask three references to sing your praises

•  What to wear to a job interview—and why it matters

•  How to sell yourself with a 15 second sales pitch

•  Answer 50 tough interview questions with ease

•  Plus timely tips on manners, enthusiasm, mirroring and so much more

No fluff. No filler.
No complex strategies. No unnecessary exercises. The Job Hunting Handbook gets straight to the point with practical, usable information, and simple step-by-step instruction.

Plus, only The Job Hunting Handbook includes the “Job Outlook to 2028”
For those curious about which jobs are in demand, which jobs are in decline, how much they pay, and the qualifications for each job, The Job Hunting Handbook has the facts on the top 175 different occupation.

Used by thousands of career professionals to help millions of people find work. 8,000,000 copies sold.

Customers include—

•  One Stop Career Centers

•  Workforce Investment Boards

•  High Schools

•  Vocational Technical Schools

•  Trade and Career Schools

•  Job Corps

•  Colleges and Universities

•  State Rapid Response

•  State Rehabilitation Services

•  Welfare to Work Programs

•  Pre-Release Centers

•  U.S. Department of Defense

•  U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Free teaching materials when you order 25 copies or more
If you would like to host an optional, three-hour workshop, our Workshop Teaching Guide and PowerPoint presentation come free with your order.

Fast delivery
Order today and The Job Hunting Handbook can be on your desk in 2-5 business days—anywhere in the USA. 

Free shipping
When you order 100 copies or more.

Money-back guarantee
If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase, simply return it and we will refund your payment.

Take The Job Hunting Handbook for a test drive and see for yourself
Try 25 copies. Run them through your program. Let your job hunters decide. If they aren’t impressed, simply return the books and we’ll refund your payment.

Have a question?
Call us at 800-222-0009. We try very hard to answer every call with a live, smiling, human being—before the third ring (M-F, 9-5, EST)

Thank you for your consideration. We are a very small company with only 5 employees. Your business is important to us.

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ISBN 978-0-940712-27-0
Author Harry Dahlstrom
Copyright © 2020
Size 8" x 10"
Page Count 48 pages


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