Cómo Sobrevivir a una Cesantía - Surviving a Layoff, Spanish Edition

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Product Code: 978-0-940712-13-3

In 48 easy-to-read pages, Surviving a Layoff speaks directly and compassionately to laid-off workers with practical, tested advice on how to cope with the emotional roller-coaster, ease their money worries, and get started on their job hunt.

Look what’s included:

  • It’s not your fault— the difference between a layoff and a firing 
  • How to tell your family that you’ve lost your job 
  • Why you shouldn’t make any important decisions for a few days after your layoff 
  • How to channel your anger 
  • The warning signs of depression 
  • Men and women handle layoffs differently 
  • How to pay your bills when you have no paycheck 
  • Where to find extra money to help make ends meet 
  • How to ask your creditors to reduce your bills until you find a new job 
  • Where to turn when you just can’t do it alone 
  • Three things every hiring manager wants to know about you 
  • How to write a powerful resume 
  • 7 proven ways to get a job interview 
  • How to ace your job interview 
  • Four things you need to do after each interview

  • Plus, ten critical tips
    Right on the back cover of the book, Surviving A Layoff gives your people ten critical tips to help them transition into their new lifestyle.

    For those thinking of switching to a new line of work
    Surviving a Layoff shows them six ways to discover the best new career for them. Plus— a 10”x16” chart showing wages, demand, and training requirements for America’s top 175 occupations.

    Over 6 million copies sold
    Whenever there’s a major layoff, more people go home with Surviving A Layoff tucked under their arms than any other book. 

    Customers include:

    AFL-CIO Internal Revenue Service
    American Red Cross Johns Hopkins University
    Armstrong Floor Kerr-McGee
    AT&T Kraft Foods
    Bechtel Levi Strauss
    Bertlesmann Los Angeles, CA
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Maidenform
    Boeing Makita
    Cornell University Morgan Stanley
    ConAgra Northrop Grumman
    Continental Airlines Ohio
    Capital One Pepsi
    Coca-Cola Philips Medical Systems
    CareBridge Princeton University
    Cardinal Health Raytheon
    Cargill Rolls-Royce
    Childrens’ Hospital San Mina
    Eaton Sallie Mae
    Ericsson San Francisco Chronicle
    Experian Serta
    Federal Express Simens
    Federal Reserve Bank Smuckers
    Foxwood Resorts Tektronics
    Franklin Templeton UAW-Ford
    Georgia Pacific Virginia
    General Electric Verizon
    Hard Rock Café Western Union
    Herman Miller and many others

    Around $3 per copy

    Surviving a Layoff is one of the least expensive parts of a severance package. Yet it may be among the most valuable.

    Fast, discrete delivery
    Order today and FedEx will have Surviving A Layoff on your desk in 3-5 business days. Overnight delivery is also available (call for a cost quote). All books are shipped in plain brown cartons with no outside markings and no outside packing lists.

    Every order comes with a free copy of The No Nonsense Guide to Writing Letters of Recommendation.

    Satisfaction guaranteed
    If for any reason, you are not pleased with Surviving A Layoff, simply return it and we will refund your payment. No questions asked.

    Have a question?
    Call us at 800-222-0009. We try very hard to answer every call with a live, smiling, human being— before the third ring (M-F, 9-5, ET).

    ISBN 978-0-940712-13-3
    Author Harry Dahlstrom
    Copyright © 2020
    Size 8" x 10"
    Page Count 48 pages


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