“Sorry. We offered the job to someone else.”

“Sorry. We offered the job to someone else.”

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Rejection hurts. You wanted that job. You needed that job. You studied for the interview. The hiring manager seemed to like you. You thought the job was yours. Then, you received a letter— “Sorry. We hired someone else.” It hurts. It hurts a lot.

So what happened?
Lots of things can go wrong that aren’t your fault. Maybe you were the best candidate for the job—until the next candidate walked through the door. Maybe the employer decided to promote someone from inside the company. Maybe plans changed and the employer decided not to ll the job at all.

Rejection is a huge part of the hiring process. Did you know that for every person hired, 5 people are rejected. It’s true. The average employer interviews six people for each job opening. But only one person is hired for the job. Five people are rejected.

Don’t beat yourself up.
Okay, you’ve been rejected. You’re angry and you’re hurt. Your rst instinct is to lash out and attack someone—usually yourself.

“I was stupid to think I could get a job with that company...”

“They didn’t hire me because I’m not smart, funny, pretty, good enough.”

Be careful with the way you talk to yourself. Criticizing yourself can actually do harm. It can become a self-ful lling prophecy. If you keep telling yourself that you’ll never land a good job—you probably won’t. Whenever you start to put yourself down, just tell yourself to—“STOP IT”—and change the subject.

Instead, look for a rational explanation.
Start by replaying the interview in your mind. Try to be honest—

  • Did you do your homework and know who the employer is, what they do, and why you want to work there?
  • Did you know which skills were required for the job and show the manager that you are a good t for that job?
  • Did you offer examples to show that you are a hard worker and that you deliver more than the minimum?
  • Did you answer tough questions without stumbling or getting ustered?
  • Did you ask questions to learn more about the company and the job?
  • Did you look the manager in the eye and speak clearly?
  • Did you wear the proper clothes and look your best?
  • Did you show enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude?
  • Were you polite and respectful throughout the interview?
  • Did you ask for the job?

  • No, you’re not a loser.
    Hey, you were good enough to get that job interview. That puts you in the top 25 percent of all applicants for that job.

    So, look at that interview as a practice run. Work on those areas where you were weak— and get ready to ace your next interview. 

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