Plan B. Reach out to employers who are not hiring.

Posted By: Harry

Not getting a response from all the help-wanted ads and networking you’ve tried? Maybe you should try some old-school job hunting. See, employees change jobs all the time and managers are always on the lookout for new replacements. The key is to contact the manager before she advertises the job opening and attracts all of your competitors. Here’s the plan—

Starting salaries hit an all-time high for new college graduates.

Posted By: Harry Dahlstrom

In a study of 145,000 entry-level employment positions in the United States, researches found that the average starting salary for 2017 college graduates is $48,270. That’s three percent higher than last year and 14 percent higher than 2007, just before the Great Recession.

Top 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

Posted By: Harry Dahlstrom

Your resume was impressive so a hiring manager gave you a call. The manager liked what you had to say on the phone so she invited you to a job interview. Now, don’t let the following body-language mistakes ruin your momentum.

Don’t exaggerate on your resume. You don’t need to.

Posted By: Harry Dahlstrom

After weeks of looking for a job with no results, lots of job hunters become discouraged. Some become desperate. Many think that the only way to get a hiring manager to notice them is to boost their skills and accomplishments. So they exaggerate.

Two BIG reasons why you should dress professionally for a job interview.

Posted By: Harry Dahlstrom

Have you ever watched little kids in their costumes on Halloween night? Kids wearing super-hero outfits, princess dresses, and monster masks actually behave as if they were those characters.

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