U.S. Employment Snapshot

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This four-page Employment Snapshot shows gains and losses for the 16 US employment groups, plus unemployment rates based on occupation, age, gender, ethnicity, education levels, and much more

How to pay for the holidays when you don't have a job

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GALLUP REPORTS that American consumers will spend, on average, $885 for gifts this holiday season. That’s close to the $906 they spent last year, in 2017. But, what if you’re one of the 10 million people living on unemployment benefits, part-time jobs, or the generosity of relatives? Here are some ideas—

Do you know someone who can't find a job?

Posted By: Harry Dahlstrom

Finding a good job is hard. Lots of people have been job hunting for months. They’ve filled out hundreds of job applications—but nothing happens—not even a phone call. What’s worse, they know employers are hiring. They hear that their friends are landing new jobs quickly—but they’re left out. What’s going on?

There are no jobs here anymore. What do I do now?

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If the owners packed up the only plant in town and moved away, then your only choice might be to change your career. About 70 percent of those unemployed six months or longer do change careers. To support their families, the other 30 percent usually take jobs below their qualifications.

How do I explain my long-term unemployment?

Posted By: Harry Dahlstrom

“What did you do during your unemployment?” and “Why did you leave your last employer?” These are two big questions that both your friends and the hiring managers will ask you. To answer them, you need a simple, honest answer for each question. Here are some suggestions—

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