Don’t exaggerate on your resume. You don’t need to.

Don’t exaggerate on your resume. You don’t need to.

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After weeks of looking for a job with no results, lots of job hunters become discouraged. Some become desperate. Many think that the only way to get a hiring manager to notice them is to boost their skills and accomplishments. So they exaggerate.

According to a 2015 Careerbuilder/Harris poll, some of the most common resume embellishments include in ating skill sets, overstating responsibilities, enhancing job titles, and claiming academic degrees that weren’t awarded.

Then there are the real doozies. One job hunter claimed to speak two foreign languages—English and pig Latin. Another job applicant claimed to have won a Nobel Prize. One ambitious fellow claimed to have worked three jobs in three different countries—all at the same time. Another applicant claimed to be the president of the very company he was applying to.

Hiring managers read hundreds of resumes and job applications a month. They are experts at it and can tell in a flash who’s exaggerating and who’s truthful.

When asked what would cause them to pay more attention to some resumes, the hiring managers responded—

“A resume that’s customized for the open position”
So, list the ve skills required for the job and offer examples of your experience with each skill. If you’re missing one or two requirements, substitute something similar to show that you could quickly learn that skill.

“A resume that’s accompanied by a cover letter”
This is your chance to show that you are the human behind the resume. Explain why you want to work for that company. Also offer a few good reasons why the hiring manager should hire you instead of someone else.

“A resume that’s addressed to the hiring manager or recruiter by name”
Address your letter to the hiring manager by name and she’ll see that you took the time to nd out who she is. It says you’re serious about wanting to working for her.

Now, if you didn’t know, the hiring manager is usually the manager of the department where you want to work. If you want to work in sales, contact the sales manager. In maintenance, contact the the mainte- nance manager. At a small business, contact the owner. To get the manager’s name, call the company and ask the receptionist who answers the phone.

Another thing, reach out to your friends and see if they know a mutual friend inside the company who would recommend you for employment. You are ve times more likely to be hired if you have an inside friend.

Now you know.

Source: ed=12/31/2015 

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