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Enthusiasm - The Key to a Great Interview Handout

Set yourself apart with positive, high energy. Employers can pick and choose whom they hire. Show them why YOU should be the one!

Get a Grip on Handshakes Handout

A small action can make a big impact. What does your handshake tell people about your personality? The answers may surprise you.

How to Dress for a Job Interview Handout

First impressions DO matter. Make yours count. It may be a “business casual” world, but interviewers expect to see you at your best. 20 ways to look the part.

How To Write a Better Cover Letter Handout

The right words can get you the interview. Your cover letter should make interviewers want to meet you NOW. Make them reach for the phone with these tips.

How To Write a Great Resume Handout

Show your experience in its best light. You need a resume to get interviews. Plus, it’s always good to have yours updated, “just in case.” Polish your resume with this guide.

Questions to Expect During a Job Interview Handout

All job interviews are different. Every hiring manager has his or her own style. But, there are some routine questions you can expect. Here are 15 questions with answers, plus 15 more that you’ll have to think about.

Seven Ways to get a Job Interview Handout

Get in the door, step by step. Sometimes, just getting interviews is the hardest part of a job search. Improve your chances of success with these proven strategies.

Six Steps to get the Job You Want Handout

The “big picture” of the job search process. A successful job search requires effort—and a good plan. Use this guide to create your strategy.

Sizing up a Job Offer Handout

It’s NOT all about the money. Getting an offer feels awesome—unless the offer doesn’t fit your needs. Here’s how to evaluate your TOTAL compensation.

The Four Faces of an Interviewer Handout

Be at your best with any personality type. Is your interviewer a dictator? Politician? Social Worker? Thinker? When you know the types, you can adjust your interview style to make the best impression.

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