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Top 10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

Your resume was impressive so a hiring manager gave you a call. The manager liked what you had to say on the phone so she invited you to a job interview. Now, don’t let the following body-language mistakes ruin your momentum.

Don’t exaggerate on your resume. You don’t need to.

After weeks of looking for a job with no results, lots of job hunters become discouraged. Some become desperate. Many think that the only way to get a hiring manager to notice them is to boost their skills and accomplishments. So they exaggerate.

Two BIG reasons why you should dress professionally for a job interview.

Have you ever watched little kids in their costumes on Halloween night? Kids wearing super-hero outfits, princess dresses, and monster masks actually behave as if they were those characters.

Job Networking, a Beginner’s Guide.

Ask your friends how they got their jobs, and a lot of them will tell you, “A friend helped me get the job.” Networking. That’s friends helping friends find jobs.

“Sorry. We offered the job to someone else.”

Rejection hurts. You wanted that job. You needed that job. You studied for the interview. The hiring manager seemed to like you. You thought the job was yours. Then, you received a letter— “Sorry. We hired someone else.” It hurts. It hurts a lot.

Why does it take so long for an employer to hire someone?

You spot a job opening and it’s perfect for you. You apply for the job. Then, you wait for a phone call. Then, you wait to get an appointment for a job interview. Then, you wait for them to make a decision. What’s with all the waiting?

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