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Some people do the craziest things during a job interview.

Every year, the folks at Harris Poll and CareerBuilder conduct an online survey of 2,600 hiring managers and human resource managers. When asked about the most unusual things job hunters have done during their job interviews, the managers recalled that…

Bad Hires

It’s been estimated that 20% of all new hires are bad hires and they should never have been brought aboard.

November 2017 Employment Snapshot

The Snapshot shows gain/loss for the 16 employment groups, plus unemployment rates based on age, gender, ethnicity, and education levels.

How to get a good job when no one seems to be hiring.

Did you know that employers will probably hire 60 million people this year? They hired 60 million last year and nearly 60 million the year before that.

Job Networking, a Beginner’s Guide.

Ask your friends how they got their jobs, and a lot of them will tell you, “A friend helped me get the job.” Networking. That’s friends helping friends find jobs.

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